California African-American Freedom Trail tours Saturday, Nov. 24, Sunday, Nov. 25

The black history of how the Golden State got its name

ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage launches a new genre of media for children of African descent

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ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage


Since 1989, we have specialized in curriculum which presents the African Diaspora experience in a scientific, respectful and exciting way.


As an artistic people, we illuminate black history with film, music, dance and visual arts which adds the spirit and vibrancy to overcome racism.


Our scholarship is courageous and unmatched as the history advisor to the Songhoy people, subject matter expert for the National Park Service and creator of the California African-American Freedom Trail

Outstanding Pioneers

John William Templeton is a popular keynote speaker on history, technology and theology

Wanadu Aroo John William Templeton

The creator of the California African-American Freedom Trail is also the history advisor to the Amiru Songhoy, the traditional ruler for the homeland of 75 percent of African-Americans.  Editor of the four-volume Our Roots Run Deep: the Black Experience in California and Road to Ratification: How 27 States Faced the Most Challenging Issue in American History, he is a subject matter expert for the National Park Service.

John William Templeton on Nob Hill

In 1991, John William Templeton visited the Mark Hopkins Hotel and what he saw caused him to write a four-volume, 1,400 page history and to map 6,000 historic sites



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